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Topic for discussion: Week 5

As we wrap up As I Lay Dying, what are your final thoughts on the book? Did you find it difficult to get through and, if you did, do you feel it was worth the effort?

Which did you enjoy more, this book or Dubliners?

I'll answer my own question: I think I already told you that I'm not a fan of Faulkner's. I can't say I really enjoy reading his work. I do have great admiration for the way he reveals his characters, and I do feel that I learn something valuable every time I read him; however, I feel that I have to read him so actively--to work so hard--that I lose sight of the big picture and don't get that feeling of being "caught up" in the narrative. Your mileage may vary, of course. I prefer Dubliners because I feel I can multi-task a little more: read the stories on a surface level, for the plot alone, then go back and read more closely to pick up the deeper themes. To use art as a metaphor, both Joyce and Faulkner are painting a portrait of a specific time and culture, using a fine brush, conveying lots of detail.

Faulkner and Joyce are both members of what's known as the Modernist movement. Modernism was seen in art, literature, music, and architecture in the early 20th century. In literature, it was often represented by stream-of-consciousness writing, disjointed timelines, and multiple points of view. Kafka was also a Modernist, as was Virginia Woolf, whose To The Lighthouse we'll be reading later in the semester. (Joyce's more Modernist works were Ulysses and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.)

Some other Modernist authors and poets you may have heard of include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and W. B. Yeats.

So, any final thoughts on Faulkner or Joyce? Please share.


My final thoughts on this book is that it was a great book to read :) I enjoyed it very much, once I started understanding it. The problem was that this took me a while, because I found it a bit hard to keep everything together. This was because of the way that Faulkner wrote this book, multiple first-person narrative. I definitely feel that this book was worth the effort, and enjoyed it a lot.

I found "As I Lay Dying" more interesting than Dubliners. I don't prefer reading short stories, and I liked Faulkner's various first-person narrtive more. I also like the way that Faulkner writes, even though it is difficult to understand. All in all, it was a great book!

Thanks for writing, Yunus! I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and found it was worth the effort. Great writing usually pays off in spades.

I much more enjoyed As I lay Dieing. It started off somewhat slow, but towards the middle of the book I began to get more into it. Even though the reading assignments were longer, the reading went much faster for me than it did while we were reading Dubliners.

I ended up with mixed opinions on As I Lay Dying. I read it faster and with more general interest than with Dubliners, but i couldn't decide how I should feel about it. I wasn't sure if the family's ignorance was supposed to be comical or sad. The ending didn't really give me much closure, just a laugh. I liked Dubliners a little more I guess just because I felt that even though it was a collection of stories, they were more connected than some of the southern ramblings in some of Faulkner's chapters. Both books kept my interest with their originality and writing but overall I give the nod to Dubliners because I feel the stories had more purpose to them than As I Lay Dying.

I thought the book was confusing at times and it was a difficult too. My final thoughts are how is the family going to function now that their mother is dead. I kept reading the book even though I was confuse sometimes. I think I would pick the Dubliners Book over As I Lay Dying because it book was straight forward and seem more interesting.

Having to decided whether i enjoyed reading Faulkner or Joyce is difficult to answer. I have already read "As I Lay Dying" before along with "A Light in August". when talking about Joyce I had also had the chance to read "A Portrait of a Young Artist". "Dubliners" was a new read. As to if i enjoyed reading "Dubliners" compared to "As I Lay Dying" I would have to say that i prefer to read Faulkner. But I would like to point out that I enjoyed reading the other book by Joyce more. I like the style of Joyce's writing more than Faulkner's. Having already read the book by Faulkner, I felt that I was better able to understand what was going on. The first time that I read it I was totally lost and I had no idea what was going on, but now reading it again it made more sense then before. Before when I read it the way that Faulkner laid out the story was confusing and unclear. So I would not say that I like Faulkner more then Joyce, but I did enjoy reading it more.

I thought that the book started off really slow and was kind of hard to get into it. As the book progresses and I was able to witness the changes in everyone I really started to like it a lot more. I definately liked this book more than Dubliners because, as I have said before, I really dont like the short story concept of Dubliners.

I thought Dubliners was O.K.
The stories were interesting and even though I found the language trying at times it was still enjoyable to read.

I enjoyed Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying much more. I thought it was smoother to read and easier to understand, despite some very confusing and frustrating sentences from Jewel and Vardaman. What I liked the most was how different the narratives of each of the characters were. This must have been pretty difficult for Faulkner to accomplish without blurring the characters thoughts or feelings together.

At first with Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying," I was very turned off because the book was so difficult to understand. After talking about it, I really enjoyed it and Faulkner's writing style. He lets you see who these characters are through the eyes of others, and I think that is a really unique and great technique. It's different from all the other books you read in your lifetime. Once it was explained to me and you begin to see all the underlying themes and thoughts of the characters, it is a really good novel. It was hard to take that everyone thinks Darl goes crazy, when all he wants to do is give his mother a proper burial. Overall, I enjoyed it more than Dubliners.

My final about the book is that it was confusing. It was difficult to follow the storyline and at the same time understand the story. However it was interesting reading a story from a first person view. Comparing this book and Dubliners, I prefer Dubliner because the stories were easier to follow and understand.

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I found As I Lay Dying to be confusing and kind of boring/difficult to read. I personally like a lot more action in the novels that I read for fun. I don't think it was worth the work to read. I find it difficult to imagine what makes this (or Dubliners) such a famous novel. I liked Dubliners better because it was basically several different stories and I could at least hope for a more interesting plot each time. I still don't get why this is a "classic" If I wrote a paper like Faulkner writes I would get a low grade because it wouldn't make sense.