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Topic for discussion: Week 8/9

Your assignment for blog discussion this week is to make suggestions for our group presentation. We're meeting in the Armory this Thursday, Nov. 1, and presenting next Tuesday, Nov. 6.



Similar to the Faulkner presentation, maybe we could have "reporters" question Toni Morrison about Virginia Woolf. It could be neat to tie in the two books. At the end of presentations there has always been a question session. Maybe if we have one we could ask the class to address a question to one of the presenters and in return for their relevant question they could get a piece of candy or something of the sort.

Good idea, Meg. I can always steal some Halloween candy from my kids to give away as prizes!

Morrison did list Woolf as one of her influences, so I think it would be interesting to connect the two segments of the course together in that way.

Maybe, a group could do a skit on the dinner table, some true facts about Virginia Woolf, or some poems that she wrote.

Chapter 17 the dinner scene seem to be a big part of this book, maybe we could do a skit or play on this chapter.