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More LotF

Which character did you find most interesting or compelling, and why?

I liked Simon, myself. I thought he was just fascinating.


My favorite character was Ralph. He was the character that was trying the hardest to get them off of the island and stood as more of a voice of reason. He wanted to keep the kids civilized and was sort of the opposite of Jack.

Even though Ralph was my favorite character, I found that Simon was the most intriguing. I had heard several comments in high school that he was epileptic and others that he was like the holy figure against the evil figure (the lord of the flies). It was really interesting to find support for both explanations.

I liked Piggys character because he was kind of the underdog in the novel as struggling with himself to keep up with the other boys. For example, he needs his glasses to see, is fat and clumsy. All of the boys constantly make fun of him, and that kind of character I sympathize for.

I liked Piggy. The rational, stereotypical fat and happy kid, Piggy showed loyalty. He portrayed his childish side here and there, but showed his age goes beyond numbers by not letting the other kids get to him for the most part. Plus, you got to like anyone with a name like Piggy!

I also found Simon to be the most interesting character, mostly because he was the very different from all of the other boys. Like how he enjoyed going into the woods at night by himself and all of the other boys are scared just by thinking about it being alone at night.

I like Jack. I see him as the true leader who want to surive and hunt for food.