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Still more LotF

Can you tell I love talking about this book?

Imagine you're on the island. Who would you have been more likely to follow, Jack or Ralph? Or someone else?


I would like to think that I would follow Ralph on the island because he seemed to have more sense. At the same time however Jack and his group seemed to know how to survive better, even if it meant becoming completely savage. They knew that hunting would keep them alive and that was what their first priority was.

I think I would follow Piggy. He seemed to have the most common sense. However, I am not sure if he has the courage to be a good leader, so in that case I would follow Ralph because it seems he and Piggy were a pair. Jack, in my opinion was not a very good leader because he only cared and focused on one thing, hunting. A good leader has to focus on mony things, and I feel Jack was rather closed-minded.

I sincerely would like to believe that I would follow Ralph. Jack would be far more tempting, but I think after the hunters let the fire die and the ship pass, I would get really fed up with Jack like Ralph did. I think that I would recognize the destruction that was occurring as evil, but let's face it: Normal children with morlals just like our own did some very crazy and wicked stuff and that island, so who's to say, really?

I would probably have followed Ralph. Jack and his crew were too savage and not as focused on a rescue. They seemed more interested in staying on the island for a very long time and making a life there. Neither Jack or Ralph were very nice, but Jack seemed more dominating while Ralph was just cold. With this in mind, i would follow Ralph over Jack

Although I think throughout the novel, Jack is most fit to be the best leader, Piggy was the most rational person in the book. Jack helped all the boys learn skills to survive, for example, on how to hunt. He is quite rash and aggressive, which in that situation makes a good leader. Piggy though shows weakness, mostly through his appearance, being nearly blind without glasses, and having asthma. He has the best mentality for a leader, but when it comes to survival, following Jack would be most fit, even though Piggy's mentality probably would have been the best to model after.

I suppose I wouldn't try to follow anyone. I would do my best to see the differences in the two groups, and the two leaders, and try to bridge the gap. I would spend my time with Jack, in hopes of trying to help him see Ralph's point of view. I would do the same in connecting Ralph to Jack. This would be the best way for survival of the whole, seeing that everybody has something that the rest of the group needs in order to survive; even if it hasn't manifested itself yet.

Come to think of it its not an easy decision. Ralph is mainly focused on getting everyone off the island which is one of the top priorities, but Jack is the one who provides the food. I think both of these are very important, but if I was trapped on the island I would follow Jack, because I'd be more concerned about surviving first, and rescue second. Also I wouldn't really be that worried about rescue, because the plane was one-way, and if it never arrived its had to have crashed somewhere in between, so I think sooner or later someone would show up and we'd all get rescued...hopefully!

I think I would follow Jack. Because Jack want to hunt and get food so the kids won't starve. By folowing Jack, I can survie and get food on the table. We can hunt for food and wait until we get recue.