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For fun! (And for discussion, if you wish.)

"The Calculus of Modernism" Midterm Exam:

Download file

This is courtesy of my fellow TA, Sara, who is taking a calculus class for fun. It made me laugh, even if I didn't understand all the formulas.

Enjoy, and by all means tackle it if you want to!

(ETA: Ack! Apparently the formulas don't show up when opening it through this link. I'll try to make copies and bring them to class this week.)


What??? The exam is so confusing. I have no clue how to start or even how to read it.

It's ok, this isn't a real exam. You don't have to do it. I included it because I thought Sara's blend of calculus and literature was funny and creative.

Very interesting! I find it funny, did also Sarah make a solutions manual for this exam? :)