April 19, 2005

the train ride

my first experience was very weird because when i got on the train there was a beeping noise like it was scanning everyone for the ticket or some sort of information. I was ridding with one of my friend and I guess being a first timer ridding this train I kepted on asking questions on why there is a nosie like that. The time that we rode this was at around 8:30 pm or so. the reason why we decided to ride at this time is because he said that it is his first time ridding on the train at night like this. I thought that this train would be that noise or anything but to my surprise it made the most horrible nosie every. Well the train was ridding smoothy and when it came to a stop I looked up and saw this little kid watching us from a far distance. I started to make faces at the kid and the kid immated me by making facing back at me. That kid and me kepted on making faces at each other and all of a suddely my friend here started to make fun of me. He didnt know what i was doing or anything and when he realized this he started to make faces at the little girl. This made the little girl gave him the weirdest look like he was crazy or something. I sat there enjoying my ride when I started to feel like i was falling asleep and when I looked up at my friend he was way a head of me. We both took a little nap on the bus not knowing that our stop has pasted already but by the time we were woken up by the driver it was close to midnight.

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April 5, 2005



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yellow arrow

the place that i would try to put the yellow arrow at is the Minnehaha river fall. the reason why i would say this is becuae this park is very beatiful and lovely. Not only is it verybeautiful but it is very quite and peacful. this place is very special to me because it is the place that the whole family would gather around just to hang out and relax with each others.

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this is my favorite links

google pages<"http://www.google.com/"target="_blank">goolge

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welcome statement

hi everyone this is ladykhou. well as you all can see Im still a little new to this so bear with me. Well Im thinking about putting up alot of things on my blog but dont know what yet. But i will try to see what i can do.

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