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Presidential Debate

Of the three articles that I picked up about the presidential debate on Friday Sept. 26 I found The Wall Street Journal to be the least one sided. The debate was portrayed fairly with quotes from both sides. It was also more observant of the debate compared to the other two articles from The New York Times and the Startribune where the critical details and aspects of the debates were pointed out against one another (McCain and Obama). However, I found The New York Times article to very informative on reporting the reaction after the debate how each party attacked the other on what they said or even the smallest details as far as facial expressions. The article made a good point of how the Obama campaign went as far to criticize Sen. McCain not returning Sen. Obama's gaze as "condescending" and "disrespectful." The Startribune articled focused mainly on McCain and attacked his actions. Of course it was titled, "Displays of volatility are a negative for McCain." While catching the last hour of the debate on Friday I agreed with much of what the Startribune article has to say. Although I found it hard to relate with many of the topics that Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain brought up and how they planned to deal with these issues; I did notice that Sen. McCain seemed very volatile in his speech and interactions with Sen. Obama. Being not so familiar with presidential debates or jargon, I questioned my understanding of the small things like not returning a gaze or the tone of the voice, but after reading the articles, espeically The New York Times and Startribune, I am starting to notice that these things do matter and they do affect the viewers' perceptions of each candidate.


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