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OCT 2 VP Debate

The vice presidential debate last Thursday was a must see for me. I was more drawn into the debate than the presidential debate. I understood and took in views of both candidates. Not only that, but the candidates seemed to be less hostile towards each other in body language than the presidential debate had been. The issues they talked about revolved around energy polices, taxes, global warming and gay rights. Although, as empowering as the debate felt, it was very disheartening to see that both candidates can tolerate or support gay rights yet do not support homosexual marriages. This is an issue that provokes me to think that despite possessing political experience as Biden or inexperience as Palin does, there was but a simple answer regarding gay marriages and it was ‘NO’. Where is the rational explanation behind that? Palin’s inexperience shone through although she debated quite well. Her reference to “hockey-moms? and “Joe six packs? felt a little demeaning to the rest of the non hockey moms and non joe six packs. Are those the only people she is willing to work for? It is better off to address the majority of Americans, the middle class and not go back into high school terms and labels.

The Startribune’s coverage of the debate was released at 5am Friday morning. It covered the main topics of the debates (taxes, energy policies, Iraq war etc.) and covered the parts of the debate that I think caught a lot of people’s attentions. The article was not as critical of Palin as I expected and held a more or less unbiased view of each candidate. Instead, it reiterated only the public criticisms that the candidates have been known for but with respect; such as Palin’s tendency or failure to fully answer questions. The New York Times’ article was titled “Palin and Biden Are Cordial but Pointed? by Patrick Healy. The article was full of quotes and really filled in on the debate; for someone who may have missed the debate the article did a great job covering it.

I looked at the Washington Post for Sunday, and read up on an article about SNL’s “coverage? of the debate. It’s funny, because my roommate who did not watch the debate, nor is sure who she will vote for, but watched the SNL coverage, brought up in a conversation with me the same things that other credited news sources were discussing; such as gay rights and even the characteristics of each candidate. The Miami Herald contributed an article stating that Biden won the debate but Palin was more likable. I find this hard to believe. Though Palin did much better than I had expected, of all the people I have met Palin has been labeled, “dumb? and worse. Even those who would vote for McCain had no comment on Palin. The fact that Palin was selected as VP candidate by McCain still fumbles me.