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Photo Slide Shows

I looked at MSNbc's, "The Week in Pictures." The photo slide show consisted of 13 photos and captions about 13 different events that took place around th globe. The captions, about 2-3 sentences each, explained the contents of the photographs very well. All the photographs were focused on people and current events. I thought the pictures worked very well because there was a lot of aesthetic value in the photographs concerning photography. I also thought it was interesting the viewers could vote for the best picture, further emphasizing the importance of the aesthetics of the photographs.

The second news source I looked at was ABCnews. The slideshow titled: "Iraq: Where Things Stand" was a 9 series photo slide show about the poll in Iraq. The captions explained events relevant to the photographs but were more or less about the actual people or event taking place in the photograph. I thought the photos were also less aesthetic in value and were more about what a typical scene from the caption looked like.

I thought the third news source, Fox News, was better than ABC news. Being a big fan of photography I looked for aesthetic values in the photographs to interest me. But at the same time the aesthetic values can play with emotions. Fox news had a photo slide titiled, "Christians Flee Mosul in Fear of Lives." The captions explained the contents/persons in the photograph well, unlike ABC news where the focus of the captions were more about events that took place in more general terms. I thought this slide show worked well but the photographs could have been better.

Viewing photo news slide shows, I'm most interested in how a photograph can captivate me or capture the essence of the event. At the same time I depend on captions to clue me in on what is happening. I do enjoy the photo slide shows but I can deal with just an article and one photograph if need be, when it comes to just point and shoot photographs.