Frederick W. Taylor

Prompt 6

After reading the article, what was your impression on Frederick W. Taylor's scientific method of improving productivity and his suggestions on improving performance?

The impression I had after finished reading the article on the Principle of Scientific Management, was, wow, this was a lot of reading. Off to the side just thinking about the extensive reading, my impression on the entire text was to achieve at the best level, there must be a plan and the plan is to be sustainable through by applying the scientific principles correctly. Through the scientific management, anyone can be taught to perform a job task without having any skills. Frederick believed people rely too much on the rule-of-thumb to get their work done rather than the method of scientific method. He suggested that time is one of the most basic task to increase employee production. By using the time studies, it would time a worker's motion and verify an employee's best way of performance on the job task. A few examples he used to show time studies were by trying out the pig iron, the science of shoveling and bricklaying. These all consist of focusing on motions and timing. .Different people work at different pace and each individual tend to find their own way of doing the same trade and work. So with that, Taylor said, the most effective and quickest way should be implemented in a work environment to get the job done faster and production to rise. While reading the article, did you find any relating readings to capital and state?

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