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When I wrote my first blog, I remember saying that I preferred something like google docs over subversion. It turns out that I was completely wrong. Subversion is a very nice software and it just gets better as you become more comfortable with the commands. I overheard some groups saying that they had a lot of issues with subversion but my partner and I actually didn't encounter very many issues. I honestly think my partner and I probably didn't ever have to meet and we'd be fine working off just subversion, but we meet fairly often.

From iteration one, the first little challenge we encountered was the subversion lock. I'm actually still not too sure why that keeps happening but sometimes when we're trying to commit a file, subversion says something is locked. When we figured out how to remove the lock and it wasn't too big of an issue from there on. Other little things we had to get more comfortable with was adding the file to the repository before committing. I really can't think of too many other problems that we had with subversion.

I know that we've only worked on iteration 1 and we haven't done very many things with subversion but for the most part everything went pretty smoothly. One of the reasons we didn't have a lot of problems on subversion was because we communicated before we acted. I would always let my partner know when I was going to commit something, and he would always let me know when he was going to commit something. Because we knew who committed first, we knew who had to update and vice versa.

Subversion was very convenient for us in iteration 1 because our schedules didn't always fit perfectly but subversion made it very easy for us to communicate. Before I started working on the project I would usually update first just in case he had added or changed something. Whats really nice about subversion is that it shows you every version that he committed. It also shows you his work, your work, and what is currently in the repository. This is really nice because whenever your code is different from what is in the repository or what is called a "conflict" you can go and see exactly what happened. If something happens that you both don't like, you can always go back and work from a previous version that you had committed. There were also times when we were working on iteration 1 at the same time but we were not physically together. This worked out really well for us also. Whenever he figured out something or I figured out something we would just shoot the other person a text and let him know that we solved something and that we are going to commit it.

I look forward to learning more about subversion. I know that are very many nice commands that we have yet to learn. In class the professor mentioned a way to update files from one computer to another without committing to the repository. I think this will be very useful to me since I use the lab computers and also my laptop. This way I won't have to commit each time I change work places.

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