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FBI continues 26-year-old Tylenol case

The FBI seized a computer and boxes of files from a man’s house Wednesday they believe could help solve a 26-year-old case.

James W. Lewis, 62, also known as the ‘Tylenol Man,’ was never charged with the deaths of the 1982 Tylenol poisonings, but he was convicted of extortion in 1983 when he admitted to sending a letter to Johnson & Johnson demanding $1 million “to stop the killing.?

Lewis denied having a hand in the killings, and said he was trying to exploit the crisis. He also gave a detailed account of how the killer might have done it.

According to Yahoo! News, the FBI said there are new leads in the Tylenol case. It cited advances in forensic technology and said the 2007 anniversary led to many tips from the public.

“Given the many recent advances in forensic technology, it was only natural that a second look be taken at the case and recovered evidence,? a statement released by the FBI office in Chicago said in a New York Times article.