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Man arrested and charged after 4 killings

A New york man was arrested and charged for the killings of two people in a hospital and is being investigated for the shootings of two others.

According to the New York Times, WHEC News 10 in Rochester, N.Y., reported Frank Garcia, 34, had recently been fired from Lakeside Memorial Hospital, where the first shootings occurred.

Two people, Randall Norman, 41, and Mary Sillman, 23, were killed. Another woman was wounded, according to the New York Times.

Garcia was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder in the shootings outside the hospital, Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn told the Associated Press.

Ontario County authorities told the New York Times they suspect Garcia to be connected to the shootings of a couple, Christopher Glaz, 45, and Kimberly Glatz, 38, in Canandaigua.