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Pirates release Ukrainian ship

Pirates off the coast of Somalia released a Ukrainian ship carrying arms and tanks Thursday after they received a $3.2 million ransom.

The ship, MV Faina, had been held for five months by the pirates, the Guardian reported.

The U.S. Navy told the Associated Press it did not want to endanger the lives of the 147 seamen held as hostages by the pirates on other hijacked ships by seizing the pirates that took the MV Faina.

The initial demanded ransom was $35 million, but after five months $3.2 million was agreed on.

The hijacking of the MV Faina, whose cargo included grenade launchers and 33 Russian-made taks, brought attention to the piracy activities off the coast of Somalia. Countries across the globe, including the United States, India, Britain, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, have sent warships to patrol the area in an anti-piracy campaign.

“It showed Somali piracy no longer affected just small coastal vessels but important and dangerous cargos,? said Roger Middleton, a London-based analyst, to the Associated Press.