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Suicide bomber kills 28 in Baghdad

Early Sunday morning, a suicide bomber near a Baghdad police academy blew himself up, killing 28 people and injuring 57.

The bombing occured at an intersection between the police academy and the oil ministry. The bomber mingled with the crowd while oil employees were demonstrating, Amar Sami Abdul Hussain, a police lieutenant who was stopping people from going towards the site of the bombing, told the New York Times.

The bomb went off about an hour into the demonstration.

Hussain told the New York Times the police believe an accomplice set off the bomb using a remote control device.

A police officer told The Guardian that the bomber was riding a motorcycle when he drove into the line, but the interior ministry said this had not yet been determined.

Some police reports say the bomber's accomplice was on a motorcycle, and others say that the individual was wearing a suicide vest, the New York Times reported.

The Guardian reported no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.