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A bill to regulate the tattoo industry introduced

A bill regulating the tattoo industry is in the Legislature and has drawn both support and opposition from tattoo artists across the state.

The bill would mandate state health-related practices for artists and require training and inspections, according to the Star Tribune.

Though there are no current state regulations, some cities and counties in Minnesota have ordinances, and artists need to follow federal health and safety regulations.

The bill, which is not the first attempt to regulate tattooing in Minnesota, is believed by supporters to be a form of protection for people who wish to get a tattoo in a tattoo parlor.

"It's not a good thing that any guy with a couple thousand dollars can just open a shop," Dwayne Holt, a tattoo artist and shop manager at Anchor's End Tattoo in Duluth, told the Star Tribune. "You couldn't go and get your hair cut by someone who just picked up the scissors this morning."

Tanika Nolan, one of the 20-year owners of ACME Tattoo Co. in St. Paul, opposes the bill because she believes the bill to be too broad. The regulations and guidelines go beyond public health, Nolan told the Star Tribune, and they might make it harder to enter the profession and push tattoo artists underground.