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Blog Analysis Entry: Diversity

AP IMPACT: Citizens held as illegal immigrants

This article talks about how citizens of the United States, especially those of the Hispanic population, are held as illegal immigrants and ultimately deported, despite their citizenship. It address the issue of racial profiling and hostility towards a specific group of people, since that is one of the main reasons why Hispanics are targeted. It presents racial profiling as a problem in government that should be solved, and the kicker clearly demonstrates how the reporters feel about the issue. Even if the person had been born on U.S. soil, if he or she is not good at speaking English, he or she is not believed to be a citizen, and the person is then suspected of being an illegal immigrant. This story used multiple things to convey information, including data and statistics, quotes and the stories of multiple people who have been affected by this. They also attribute the information they found, linking some to documents obtained by the Freedom of Information Act.

I find it surprising that government officials would be hostile towards Hispanics and extremely skeptical of their citizenship, even if their computers and files state explicitly that the person is a citizen. I also find it surprising that some immigration centers will mislead those people into signing documents that would get them deported if they have a right to be in the country.