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Dinkytown block party becomes a riot, 6 arrested

Minneapolis Police dressed in riot gear subdued a large crowd of students at a block party in Dinkytown late Saturday with tear gas.

The party was part of the school's Spring Jam festivities, students told the Pioneer Press. Minneapolis police responded around 8 p.m., and tried to subdue students on 7th Street and between 14th and 13th Avenues SE with pepper spray, tear gas grenades and foam rounds.

According to the Star Tribune, the crowd grew to around 500 through the night. At least 60 officers responded to the incidents.

Police told the Pioneer Press that students caused damage to cars and started a fire in the street. They also threw rocks and bottles at the officers when they arrived.

The Star Tribune reported some homes in the area were also damaged.

More than 60 officers were on the scene.

Six people were arrested, but no serious injuries were reported.