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Driver charged in Texas crash that killed 5 kids

Police filed charges of intoxication manslaughter Sunday against a man who lost control of his car while using a cell phone on Saturday night, causing the vehicle to run into a rain-filled ditched and kill five children inside.

Chanton Jenkins, 32, was in custody facing four counts of intoxication manslaughter for each of the children found dead so far, Houston police spokesman Kese Smith told the Associated Press.

Smith also told AP that the results of a blood alcohol test were pending, but Jenkins failed a field sobriety test following the crash. It occurred after heavy rain.

Jenkins was the father of three of the victims, a relative told police. AP reported that they are still looking for a 3-year-old girl. Bodies of a 4-year-old, 7-year-old and 11-year-old boy were found in the vehicle, and the body of a 1-year-old girl was found Sunday.

Jenkins, another adult and a 10-year-old girl escaped from the vehicle.

The adult passenger told police that four of the children in the vehicle were Jenkin's children, including the girl who escaped. It was raining heavily when Jenkins answered the phone, and when he hung up he lost control of the car and went into the ditch.

The other two girls, who were sisters, were cousins of Jenkin's four children, according to Cheri Smith, 40, whose cousin is the mother of the two little girls.