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Man kills 13 at immigrant services center before killing self

A man authorities identified as an immigrant on Friday killed 13 and then himself at an immigrant services center where he had taken English classes.

Jiverly Wong, 41, a Vietnamese immigrant, barricaded the back doors to the building with his car before he entered the building and started shooting, according to the Associated Press, he killed one receptionist before entering a classroom and fired, killing 12 people who were taking English language instruction. He then killed himself.

The four wounded people, including the receptionist who had called the police, were expected to survive.

On Saturday, Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski told AP that police found no motive for the shooting. He did confirm reports that Wong, who also went by the name Voong, felt degraded because of his low English speaking ability and his recent job loss.

Broome County District Attorney Gerald F. Mollen told the Associated Press that a faster response would not have saved any lives.

Zikuski told AP on Sunday that after reviewing calls to the police, it showed that police had arrived on the scene five minutes before the receptionist called, different from what they had reported earlier.

A SWAT team entered the building 43 minutes after the first call to the police, according to AP.

Zikuski also told AP that they did not know if Wong had a particular target. Wong had visited a firing range weekly and had permits for the two handguns found on the scene since 1995 or 1997.