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Police searching for Ga. prof suspected in shootings

Police are searching for a University of Georgia professor suspected of killing three people and injuring two in a shooting outside a local theater company near campus in Athens, Ga..

George M. Zinkhan III, 57, was last seen Saturday afternoon when he dropped his children off at a neighbor's house. Police searched his home and office, but he was not there, and he had not used his credit or ATM cards.

Authorities were monitoring airports in case Zinkhan tried to head to Amsterdam, where he owns a home, or Austin, Texas, where he has relatives, according to the Associated Press.

Police told AP that Zinkhan was outside the Athens Community Center with members of Town & Gown Players, a local theater group, when he got into an argument with one of the players. Later, he returned with two guns and opened fire on the group.

The three victims were identified by police as Marie Bruce, 47, Zinkhan's ex-wife; Tom Tanner, 40; and Ben Teagure, 63. They were shot multiple times, the county coroner told AP. Two others were injured from flying shrapnel, according to AP.

Zinkhan disappeared after dropping his children off at a neighbor's house. His neighbor, Robert Covington, told AP that Zinkhan said he needed someone to watch his children for an hour because of an emergency.

Covington also told AP he asked Zinkhan's daughter about the emergency, and she told him there was "something about a firecracker."

Covington told the New York Times that Zinkhan's children are now in custody of the police.

Zinkhan has a doctorate from the University of Michigan and is a marketing professor at UGA's Terry College of Business. University spokesman Pete Konenkamp told AP he had no disciplinary problems.

Josh Gurly, 21, a university junior who was one of Zinkhan's students, told the New York Times Zinkhan unexpectedly canceled class last weak and told students they did not need to take the final exam.