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Nintendo Wii

I think I just became a hacker. I started playing Wii before midnight and realized it was way after by the time I was ready to quit. The Nintendo Wii is by far the most interactive game console on the market. I think I would compare the difference between say Play Station and Nintendo Wii to the difference between a PC and a Mac. The Mac/Wii being way more intuitive and having the all around "cool factor."

The user plays the games on a Wii with a hand held remote or wiimote, similar in looks to a TV remote. Using motion sensors the users act out with certain arm motions what they are trying to accomplish on the screen. For instance, in Wii Sports (the "free" game included with purchase of a Wii) the user holds the wiimote like a golf club, a baseball bat or a tennis racket and makes the appropriate swinging motion for that sport.

The user navigates through the interface using hand, wrist or arms motions with the Wiimote and doing the basic point and click. This kind of movement makes play go quickly because many times you can just use your body motion. Instead of trying to figure out what button makes your arms move, you just move your arms! I am a huge fan of creating the characters for the game called Miis. You can go through a series of screens to create a character that has all of your features. Then you can play games as yourself and be in games when other people are playing, like I might be playing baseball and my team is made up of all of the Miis that my friends have created. You can also access your Mii via the internet to use it on a different Wii.

Even though the Nintendo Wii is extremely intuitive and easy to interact with (not to mention you can actually get somewhat of a physical workout playing the Wii) there most definitely is a learning curve. It takes a while to really feel like you have control over your motions on the screen and get the right timing down. You also have to be aware of your hand/arm movements the entire time you are playing. I was playing baseball and accidentally threw a pitch when I wasn't even paying attention because I flicked my wrist.

It's exciting to see video games start to turn towards using motion sensors and human activity rather than just finger controls.