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Kosovo announces independence

In the BBC’s report of Kosovo’s announcement of independence from Serbia, the reporter separated the information into different categories.

The reporter starts off the article by giving the most important information, which is the fact that Kosovo has announced independence. Then, the reported splits the rest of the information into categories so that they could stay on one topic and transition to another with clarity. For instance, the author uses bolded text and a title to tell the reader when a new topic is coming. This allows the author to present all the information surrounding the declaration for independence.

Furthermore, I believe by separating the information through different topics that it allows the reader to go through the article with ease. It allows for smooth transitions that keep the information interesting.

The only thing that the reporter did not do well was put the information in the correct order. They go from celebrations to information then to protest and then back to celebrations. I believe that they should have put information that was similar, even though separated by topics, together because it would have made things well organized.