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Prison Escape Analysis

In Pat Pheifer’s article “Prison inmates tried escape on burrowed time,? Pheifer used five sources to get the facts for the story. The sources are scattered throughout the article, but are clear because Pheifer stays with one source and then moves onto another. The information from each source is clear to understand and helps Pheifer tell where the information came from.
The information comes from people and some of the sources are: prison authorities, Warden Lynn Dingle, assistant commissioner in the Minnesota Department of Corrections David Crist, Deputy Corrections Commissioner Dennis Benson and Corrections Commissioner Joan Fabian.
Pheifer sets up the details of the prison-escape attempt by telling that prison officials gave the information. Then, Pheifer presents information that was gathered from the warden. Pheifer continues with information from the warden before explaining information that was obtained from Crist. Afterwards, Pheifer uses information from Benson and then Fabian to finish the story’s details. So, with every source Pheifer gives the name of the source and then presents what information they are bringing to the story.
In all, Pheifer’s information is effective in presenting the reader with good and clear information. The sources are the correct ones and help provide the reader with everything they need to know.