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Rebel targets hit by Turkey in Iraq

Turkey’s military said Saturday that they killed 15 Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq in a two-day operation involving artillery and airstrikes, the Associated Press reported.

The military detected a group of Kurdish rebels were preparing for an attack against Turkish targets from their bases in Iraq, the military said.

Turkish airplanes hit their targets, but the casualty figures were unclear, a military statement said.

“Turkish jet fighters launched airstrikes against sites at the Zab border area with no casualties,? spokesman Haval Danas said. “The fighter jets have bombed old sites that witnessed fierce clashes before with Turkish army and nobody was there.? (AP)

The BBC reported the Turkish military attacked the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or the PKK, the party said. Up to 3,000 Kurdish rebels are believed to be in the PKK, the PKK said.

The Turkish military has been conducting airstrikes in northern Iraq, with the help of the U.S. intelligence, since December.

The PKK is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, which Turkey is a part of.