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Markets improve after gloomy reports

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday the stock market improved, despite a report showing the biggest monthly decline in jobs in five years.

In the article, the reporter uses numbers to describe how many jobs were lost and how that affected the unemployment rate. Also, the reporter uses numbers to describe the changes in the stock markets and how oil prices have changed to affect the market.

I don’t think the numbers are overwhelming because the change does not seem that great. The change in the stock market is small, only a few percent, and the loss of jobs is small compared to the overall population in the United States. Instead, the reporter could have used a percent to describe the loss of jobs and not how many were lost.

In getting the numbers, the reporter had to do some number crunching in order to get the percent change. In addition, the sources the reporter used came from the markets themselves. The reporter does give some market highlights of companies that had large changes, which these numbers also had to have percent changes take place.