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San Francisco’s Japantown holds festival

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday the city’s Japantown held a Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend in order to promote Japanese culture.

The festival will go on until April 20 and one of the major events at the festival is the Blossom Queen.

The reporter described the life of one of the contestants. The reporter detailed how Miwa Natsuki is having trouble identifying herself as a Japanese American. The reporter used quotes from Natsuki to describe her life and how she has an American-style life and a Japanese-style life.

In addition, the reporter put in quotes from the festival’s organizers to describe how young Japanese Americans are not affiliating themselves with the Japanese culture. An example they gave is how only five women signed up to compete for the Blossom Queen, when in the 1980s dozens would.

The story informed me about how young Americans of Japanese decent are losing their family’s culture. I knew that older ethnicities such as Germans and Italians have already lost their family’s original culture, but I did not know Asian cultures were having the same problems.

So, the reporter used the detailing of the problem of culture loss in order to tell the significance of the festival. The festival is to preserve Japanese culture and the reporter does a good job of getting this message across without using stereotypes.