Crop Circles: Aliens or hoax?

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This article that I have found claims that aliens are the creators of crop circles that have been found on earth. It stresses that the precise lines and radius' of these designs have no other explanation but that of the outside world. Although this article may seem to be somewhat convincing to those who are intrigued and amazed by these findings, we must not be convinced by these extravagant claims and try and make sense of them. The first principle that I feel best suits this claim is Occam's Razor. I feel as though this fits because although the claims about aliens coming to earth and placing these designs on our planet is interesting, we must look at the claims when people have admitted to themselves creating these designs in the middle of the night to show nonbelievers that aliens are real. Logically we should look at these two contrasting hypothesis and see what one is the more simple, and practical explanation and chose that. In this case it would be the hypothesis with the explanation that other people may be creating these designs as some sort joke or prank. The second principle that I feel goes with this is Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence. Although the claims that aliens are coming to our earth and creating these designs in fields around the world may be possible, we must realize that for such an extravagant event to be accepted over our previous hypothesis' there needs to be solid, real evidence to back it up. Without this extraordinary evidence, we should assume that the claim is not true.



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