Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep paralysis is an extremely common condition, occurring in four out of ten people. It is a condition when you have the feeling of being awake but you are unable to move or speak. This condition can occur in one of two times during the transition between sleep and wakefulness. It can occur as you are falling asleep, a condition called Hypnagogic Sleep paralysis, or as you are waking up, Hypnopompic Sleep paralysis. Most people who experience sleep paralysis first experience it during their teen years. It may be reoccurring or it may only happen once in a while. Experiencing sleep paralysis can be frightening and hallucinations may occur resulting in reports of alien abductions or being visited by an evil spirit.

I myself have experienced sleep paralysis. I have experienced it on more than one occasion, and on each occasion it has occurred as I have been waking up; Hypnopompic Sleep Paralysis. This experience has never resulted in me becoming frightened or having hallucinations, I have just simply become aware that I'm still sleeping but want to get up and can not. It has happened at times when I am on my back. It's odd that I even know this because I am still sleeping, but I always remember recalling not being able to move and it's almost as if I can feel myself laying in my bed on my back. It is an extremely weird feeling. Almost out of body if you will.

I have however, now learned why I might experience this condition every once in a while. I work at night and I attend school during the day. I have had the same crazy, inconsistent work hours for the last 7 years and it has caused my sleep to usually be very little and irregular. I did not realize that this experience was actually a condition had among so many people. It is comforting to know that sleep paralysis is usually not a life threatening condition and usually needs no treatment. However there are some extreme cases of sleep paralysis, as seen in the posted video.

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