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If I define emotion in one word, I'd choose "Feeling". Our feeling and thoughts are expressed and reflected to ourselves through the emotions we get. It's our reflection or response toward events or experience we've encountered. It's a strong mental process. Emotion varies depending on the condition: positive; happy, empowered, encouraged or negative: scared, worried, and discouraged. Some people choose to express it while some don't. Also, frequency of change in emotion is related to outside circumstances, such as age, physical condition, and even social status. We, college students, defined as emerging adulthood, tend to be more emotional compared to our parents, adults. I experience it all the time. My roommates and I have conflicts frequently because we respond to each other's behaviors strongly. It's because our emotion is unstable and uneasy to control. Moreover, girls get more emotional and sensitive when they're on their period. However, emotion is an "amusing" state of mind that we possess. Because we experience different emotions at a point of our lives, life is more interesting and fun. It makes life enjoyable and different every day. Emotion makes us alive. Without any emotion, people would be no different than mechanic robots =)


Let's learn to express some emotions!


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I really enjoyed the visual! I would have like you to include or discuss the cultural differences concerning emotion.

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