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One interesting topic mentioned in our psychology textbook was graphology. Graphology is the study and interpretation of handwriting to depict someone's personality. Graphologists study a person's handwriting and pair certain features of their writing with certain personality traits. Some graphologists even claim that they can change a person's personality by changing their handwriting. Although many people believe in graphology, it is not very reliable. Studies have shown that no correlation exists between one's handwriting and their personality. Flaws were found in any study that proved there was a correlation. For example, some graphologists had participants write an autobiography in order to get their handwriting sample. These graphologists could have based their personality predictions off of the content of the autobiography rather than the handwriting itself.
A lack of evidence and reliability render graphology invalid. It is also important to think about how easy it is to change one's handwriting, yet it is much more difficult to change one's personality. I know that throughout my life I have made conscious decisions to change my handwriting, however I do not believe that you can wake up one day and decide to change your personality. This difference shows that handwriting does not reflect personality. Graphology makes an important point because it shows that not everything we do necessarily reflects our personality. It also shows that people should be careful about which theories they trust and which ones they dismiss as invalid. For example, some businesses use graphology to detect potential employees who are more likely to be dishonest in the future. However, since graphology is not reliable, many potential employees may have been turned away from the job for no good reason.

The following video shows some examples of personality traits depicted from samples of handwriting.

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I think that it was good to point out the effects of graphology. Meaning, we've learned that not every aspect of our lives displays our personality. I would have liked to see an example of one of the traits matched up with a person's handwriting.

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