IQ vs EQ

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When most people think of intelligence, they use an availability heuristic and automatically think of a persons IQ. They think of people like Forrest Gump who had an extremely low IQ or Albert Einstein who had a tremendously high IQ. Most people have heard of IQ but very few actually know exactly what it is or what it measures. IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a measure of ones intelligence that is based off of the differences among people in their intelligence. The IQ takes into account one's mental age, the age that corresponds to the average person's performance on an intelligence test, as well as deviation IQ(how one's IQ is compared to their peers). But there is another type of intelligence that is just as important, if not more important than IQ. It is called emotional intelligence.

As the picture above shows, IQ is only the tip of the iceberg of our intelligence. EQ and emotional intelligence make up more of our intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to read, comprehend, and predict the emotions of others in our everyday lives. It is made of several sub components, the ability to recognize one's emotions, the ability to appreciate one's emotions, the ability to control them, and the ability to adapt them for situations. Emotional Intelligence is just as important if not more important because it is vital when interacting with anyone. Whether it be at a store, at home with your family, or at work, one must have emotional intelligence for every situation. One can have a very low IQ but a very high EQ(Emotional Quotient) and emotional intelligence and still be very successful. Forrest Gump, although fictional, serves as a good example of this because he became a millionaire despite his low IQ. Even companies are starting to recognize the value of emotional intelligence. Some companies now have programs and formal training that teach and increase emotional intelligence.

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Happiness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. As long as you are happy you have a better mindset of your personal goals in life.

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