Dealing With Stress

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Everyone has stress in their lives whether it's from school, work, children, family etc. Chapter 12 in our psychology book talks about some stress reduction and relaxation techniques. I also came across an article online that I attached that also talks about ways to relieve stress in your life. The textbook states that the methods of stress reduction and relief differ for every person and require us to make changes in our lives. In my opinion I think that the best way to relieve stress is to gain control of the situation or stressor and to always try to stay optimistic about whatever it may be. The article that I found online says that some popular and effective ways are to talk to someone about it, take a break from technology, use your senses; such as smelling something energizing like lemon, or savoring a favorite treat, and even using memories to calm you down. I think when it comes down to it, it's just whatever works for you individually. The article also states to make quick stress relief a habit. Which obviously takes lots and lots of practice, but the article laid out a series of steps to help one through the process. The steps are as follows: Start small, Identify and target, Test-drive sensory input, Make "have fun" your motto, and Talk about it. I know in my position being a college student, especially at a time like now when finals feel like they are taking over my life, this series of steps could definitely come in handy. So just remember when dealing with stressful situations, you can overcome it and nothing is impossible.

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