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Personally, as I read the textbook I think about every concept and apply it to a real world scenario that relates to me somehow. As i read more on each chapter I feel like I have a slightly better feeling about being as a whole. I can understand more of the little things that go on everyday like why i become so stressed at the smallest things and how to cope with that stress and how to reduce my reaction to daily stressors in the future all the way to why i end up buying food at mcdonalds when i had only intended on getting a drink.

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Over the course of 5 years i hope to remember most of what i can from this course, ill just sit back and hope it all becomes crystallized intelligence or perhaps as things go on from day to day basis's i will have situations that trigger recall of all these memories about psychology that i have. But if i have to choose one specific topic to remember i would go with calssical and opreant conditioning. This is a subject that sticks in my mind very well and no matter how much time passes im able to recall most if not all aspects of this concept. While reading about it this semester i remember everything about it from my highschool psychology class. Remembering this topic may not be especially important but its fun to relate it to day to day things, and to figure out why it is we do some of the things we do in our free time.

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