Hold the Supplements?

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Many people swear by their natural supplements and daily vitamins. They are so concerned for their health that they will almost try anything to make sure they are getting the nutrients that their bodies need. This is shown by how much money is spent per year, close to $20 Billion dollars. Recently Jaakko Mursu, a researcher in the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health, conducted research on whether or not these natural supplements are actually effective or even harmful.

Interestingly enough he found that most of these supplements do little or nothing to help you. He found that there is evidence that these supplements have no benefit to its users. The only real good place for these supplements is when you are actually lacking a vitamin or mineral such as when one becomes pregnant.

Its very surprising to see that common supplements such as your daily multivitamin has a 2.4% higher absolute risk for death compared to those who take no supplements. It gets as high as 5.9% for those who take folic acid supplements.

There seems to be some type of connection that people make with these alternative forms of medicine or CAM's (Complementary and alternative medicine), that even though there is warning against them the fact that they are "Natural" makes them impossible to be dangerous, even though that is very much not the case.
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