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The Power of Puberty

Our bodies usually start changing in our teenage years, changing in physical appearance and that is when hormones change we teenagers start puberty. Menarche is the beginning on menstruation which allows women to have children, usually starting around 13 years of age. According to, there is a record of the youngest mother, at age 5. Lina Medina, a 5 year old child gave birth on May 14th, 1939. This extraordinary story needs extraordinary evidence, and this definitely shows that sometimes there are rare things that are real even when they sound extremely unbelievable. The scientific principle, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence proves that some times there are cases that are not what is commonly known.

In this article, it also says that Lina had to have a cesarean section at 7 months and 21 days. Her body was not matured enough to keep a baby safe for the full 9 months, typically associated with the amount of time needed for the baby to mature fully in the mother's stomach. Even though her body was not able to keep the baby for the full time, she had already started puberty. She started her menarche when we was 3 years old. This just goes to show that there are extraordinary cases that people would not believe if there was not cases that showed that a 5 year old could have her puberty and have a baby.

Snopes article: Lina Medina

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