Stress (Writing #4)

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I think five years from now I will probably remember what we learned about stress the most. I think this because it is something that is in your life all the time and it is hard to get rid of. Learning about all of the different stress reduction and relaxation techniques will come in handy and I will remember them down the road. You can find stress everywhere in your life, whether it be school related, work related, family related, etc. For me, I find it very difficult to escape stress. There is always a lot of pressure put on me for different things. For example, there is pressure to do well in school and I have expectations to live up to. These expectations are brought up by my parents and I want to please them. Also, school can be overwhelming at times and I get stressed when I have a lot on my plate.
Another thing I think I will remember five years from now is the concept of developing. It is a basic part of life and an easy thing to follow as I get older. All of the stages that are included and each step to growing up are things I will remember.

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