Battle of the Brains?

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In chapter 3, they discuss the different parts of the brain. As I was skimming the titles, I came across the Limbic System and it said how one of the roles was motivation. I remembered watching a video about procrastination and it involved the Limbic System.

Here is part of it:
Stop Procrastinating

I enjoyed the image that Charlie McDonnell painted, that there are two parts battling. For me, that is usually the case, and I spend a few moments trying to decide to do homework or watch videos (this time, both!). It is a good example of how the brain does has so many goals and often times, the end result shows who was victorious.

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I was really looking for more here. You need to present to me that you have a solid understanding of the material by summarizing it and incorporating your ideas which was not done. Great job with the video clip, but I'm looking for the next post to have more substance.

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