Chapter 11: Emotion and Motivation

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This chapter was all about emotions and what causes those emotions and what motivates us to do what we do everyday. It was very interesting to see where each emotion comes from and how it can be different for every person. Also, how the way you stand or make your eyes gives away much more than saying something. I guess the saying about how your body language can be more hurtful than words is actually true. So you may think that its a good idea for you not to say something but then you also gotta keep your body language in check. That is because people can pick up what you want to say from your body and even more. They could think things that you weren't even thinking. Another thing that was brought up a couple of times in this chapter was love. The different stages of love, and how your behavior and attitude changes with each different stage. Lastly, that everyone goes through different hardships but then eventually find a reason to live and be happy. Everyone is different and the reason that makes you happy may not make the other person happy. For example, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down, this you would think would make him angry and upset. Instead he made the most of his life and decided to be happy, which definetley was a surprise. That is because he could not do much, he could just sit there and observe everything that happened around him. However, this made him happy.

One thing that stood out to me in this chapter was how different body languages mean different thing in other countries. For example, thumbs up is in insult in the Muslim religion, and nodding yes actually means no in Yugoslavia and Iran. This shows that even though we may be used to all of these thing it means something totally different to other parts of the world. Each culture has it own body gestures which them who they are. This makes each culture different and unique from all the other ones.


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Great job putting your ideas into the chapter while reviewing it.

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