Dealing With Confirmation Bias


Everyone tries to protect their own ideas and prove themselves to be correct. Some people do this in a vocal way and some people do this subconciously. This is referred to as confirmation bias. The second method, subconscious proof of one's beliefs is what is most commonly seen in the testing of psychological theory testing. A good researcher will try to take steps to avoid such negative behavior.
Confirmation bias is with us in all of our daily activities. We function on our current beliefs and understandings and we make choices that make those biases seem accurate. We close our minds to what might disprove them and go with the flow. These are especially common as this year we select a new president. Why do you like Obama? Do his good looks confirm his ablity to handle the presidency? How about Gingrich? Take a look underneath these biases. Now what do you see?


Great Abstraction to Obama/Gingrich. What chapter was this, what was the theme?

Very funny video. Interesting to compare our confirmation bias to elections and Obama/Gingrich and help get a better understanding how the decisions we make everyday only increase our bias.

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