Mirror Neurons

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Learning is a peculiar task that everyone participates in whether they realize it or not. Chapter six goes into detail about the different ways one learns and the factors that affect learning. Mirror neurons are a phenomenon that only recently has been discovered, and they contribute to learning by observing. Mirror neurons are located in the prefrontal cortex of the brain; they activate when we see someone do a behavior, and they activate when we ourselves are replicating the behavior. Researchers originally discovered them in monkey's brains, but recently mirror neurons have been discovered in humans too.

These neurons contribute to empathy within sports watching and movie watching, and they contribute to learning by observation. In a sense, mirror neurons are crucial to survival.

Every freshman at the U this year used their mirror neurons. They used them when it was their first time using their U card at the dining hall or residence hall. They also used them for their first time approaching a professor. We used them when we first came to college by watching what other college students did and how they survived. The next time you are in an unfamiliar setting or situation, take note of how you act and what you do. Are you watching other people? Do you notice other people watching you?

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Great job incorporating your own ideas as well as reviewing the chapter.

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