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As there were many concerns about posting last semester, I'm posting a link to a post that another student created with step by step instructions on how to post.

Please check out this great resource if you are having any difficulty posting

Notice that I have embedded this link so that it can be clicked on. This really helps navigation and I greatly appreciate it, and so will your classmates. Instructions on how to do things like this are in the link and it's super helpful so check it out.

Also, this is a good time to introduce you to categories, again shown in the above post. This post and others on posting and general FAQ section type stuff will be under the category help. You are REQUIRED to place your posts correctly in the Post #1-4 bin so that I can give you grades for them. This site is too big to not have it organized a bit. Hope this helps and feel free to post questions you have as comments here. Then there will be a record of responses so other people who have similar problems can find answers here too!

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