The Designed Beauty of iPhones

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The iPhone is a very well designed gadget. Its features have been based off of models of iPods, and then perfected. IPhones have a very simple design: just one button, then a touch screen. It is well known that humans are easily confused. Many times my mother has looked at a keyboard and been mind-blown at all the things that it appears to be able to do. We love the simplicity of just one button; otherwise, many of us might say "it might not just be worth our time." And another excellent feature that many of us admire, but may not realize, is that the phone will actually vibrate when we touch part of the screen during texting, giving us the perception that we are pressing on actual buttons, like old style phones. But being a touchscreen, it eliminates the chances of pressing those buttons while in a pocket. We enjoy this extra comfort, this feeling of safety that we don't have to worry about explaining some text to a random person. Another key feature of the iPhone is the actual set up of the screen when we are using it. For being a phone, the aps you could click on were large, easy to see. There wasn't a lot of background "noise" that would distract us from what we were doing, and simplicity was kept.

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Interesting article. It is clear that the iPhone is certainly designed for the ease of the user. It's also interesting to think about why the iPhone is shaped the way it is, with the rectangular shape and the rounded edges.
Another point: Do you think the touch screen was as easy for users when the iPhone first came out? How do you think our minds have evolved to expect the sensations of a touch screen? You mention that the phone vibrates to make us feel like we are pressing real buttons -- do you think that eventually our nervous systems will adjust to these changes, and we will stop expecting sensory feedback to pressing buttons?
Furthermore, I know that there is an occupation in existence in which people design the icons for different apps. Do you know if this has any effect on the apps we use, or on which apps are most effective in gaining our attention? I think this would be relevant to the iPhone, because so much of the phone is focused on applications and screen graphics.

Cool blog post -- you've got me interested! I want to learn more!

I have personal experience in using an IPhone considering I own one. I am a strong believer that Apple Inc. has perfected the IPhone design and made it an easy to use smart phone. I don't think any other smart phone can compare to the all around user friendliness. Another positive to the iPhone is that all ages can use it. With its millions of apps and features, I believe it is one of the best phones ever.

You've explained the convenient features of the iPhone, and I can see why many people would find it useful. I don't know much about smart phones, but ii sounds like it would be pretty hard to compete with the iPhone. I think it's interesting how our brains themselves are so complicated, yet we love the aspects in our life to be simple--especially our phones, how we contact people.

I have an iPhone and I love it. The iPhone is quite easy to use (once you get the hang of it). The only problem I see with it is how easily it could break. You can drop it a million times and it will be fine, but one wrong hit and it's completely shattered. And awesome, kick-ass cases are quite expensive.

I want an iphone so bad! I have a blackberry now and it is the most confusing phone in the world. The iphone has a much more simple style than the blackberry but yet still has so many more features that are way cooler than the ones on a blackberry. Interesting blog post!

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