What Catches My Mind: Autism

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Thinking back through chapters, one concept we covered was children and adults who are autistic. I have somewhat know only two people, one male and one female, who are autistic. The male was bound to a wheelchair, although very friendly, he had a temper and it was very hard to tell him right from wrong. As for the female, she is very smart. She is almost the type of autistic child that if among other children, and without knowing/talking to her, you would barley be able to tell her apart. She does get excited very easily, and she looses attention quickly as well, her speech isn't the best, but she is very understandable and can easily hold a conversation; she remembers names and places very well also.
From the video's we watched in class, the reading(s), and the information from the lectures, and knowing those two kids, it is just amazing to me how a person can begin with almost no ability to keep attention to learn to being almost as smart (IQ-wise) as a regular student of their age. There are an unlimited amount of "autistic miracles" that have been shared on the news, on youtube, and of course, all over the internet in general. Of course, there is no cure and doctors do not know exactly the cause of it, but some children are considered completely recovered from austism since their actions, language, and mind work the same as any other average child.
Below is a video on youtube I found of one mother (Lori) and her child (Daniel) who she considers to be completely recovered from the diagnosed "mild form of autism". In the video, there is also another child who has begun the same treatment who has begun to improve; the parents hope that their son will be just as normal as the first child who seemed to have fully recovered.

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