A Working Model for Strengths, Weaknesses, and Success

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The three concepts that have surprised, provided explanation and a point for pushing off of for me personally, have been The Big Five of personality, Attachment Theory, and the Yerkes Dodson Law.

I've always had a strong predisposition for being critical of myself and the Berkley Personality Profile not only gives clear definition to these identifiable, real, and universal traits (openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism) but has helped me to objectively identify the strengths of the unique constellation that is my personality and those around me. Friends, co-workers, and family can all be appreciated for their uniqueness and I can see harnessing this concept to create the best working team in future projects . I can see also understand on a psychology level why particular friendships are a natural fit.

Attachment theory will be very important for me in the next five years. Again by identifying an explanation, "Oh, I withdraw or am afraid of being too dependent or close", already has broken down walls for me. In particular with someone who has proven trustworthy, I realize it's important to let myself need him and it allows him to come through- something he's very good at. It also creates an informed point of view toward others who might throw up walls or act in a way that can be confusing. I will now make more of an effort to reassure others that I'm there for them too.

Thirdly, the Yerkes Dodson Law is permanently stuck in my memory already. I'm obsessed with productivity and efficiencies, so being brutally honest with myself I know I write or study topics like psychology better in a slightly arousing setting (like Starbucks) than in a dead silent library. These simpler tasks are performed better that way, while working on a design project or photo editing are best done quietly and without observation. It's these concepts along with motivation and emotion that shape and improve systems for success in academics, work, and relationships. Thank you PSY 1001.

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It is interesting to see what type of personality you have. Most of us know what kind of person we are and what we are capable of, but finding more in depth information about it can be fun and exciting. It can also help us in our future careers.

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