"Broken Families Cause Delinquency" = MYTH


Coming from a family where divorces are very common, I was extremely interested to read chapter 10: Human Development. Society believes that divorce negatively affects children, but "... studies show that the substantial majority of children survive their parents' divorce without long-term emotional damage" (391). In my situation, this is true as my parents divorced when I was quite young, my mother remarried, and I was raised by her and my step-dad whom I call "dad" and consider him to fully be my father as he has raised me for the majority of my life. I believe myself and my siblings to be more open-minded when it comes to others' home lives. This leads me to my next point: children coming from non-traditional families do not suffer as much as society thinks that we do. In fact, "children raised by same-sex couples don't differ from those raised by opposite-sex couples in social adjustment outcomes academic performance, or sexual orientation" (390). My argument is that society and politicians need to stop making assumptions about how children will behave based on whether or not they come from a "traditional" family. In fact, 55% of American children are being raised in divorced, single parent, remarried, or same-sex households. You can not say that 55% of American children will turn out to be bad eggs!


I also found this chapter very interesting to read. My father was actually married once before he married my mother and had one child, who is my half brother, also when we speak he doesn't seem to treat me as if I am actually his sister (or half sister), nor does he treat my brother as his half brother (he and I spoke a few days ago and he asked "how's your brother doing?"). On a different note, my mother divorced my biological father and remarried. My step father is just like most other non-blood related fatehrs/mothers, abusive. He is not physically abusive,but mentally, and not only to me, but my mother too. He refuses to go out with her to dinner, on walks, grocery shopping, even to family events. Nor does he help around the house with cleaning, family games, etc. As for myself, he has told me for 6 years that I was nothing, I didn't deserve all the things I had, I wasn't good enough, etc. Although I believe I turned out OK today, those words still haunt me today; my self-esteem is very low and I always feel as if my friends do not want to hang with me or talk or anything, and I do believe a lot of this is because of my step dad. However, he favors my younger brother, and so does my mother, and many people, including my boyfriends entire family can see this.
I do feel that kids in non-traditional homes do suffer if their parents divorce when the child(ren) are around 10-13 years old (I was 11 and my brother 8) when it happened to us. Although I know that, according to our text, most children grow up unscathed, there are many, many children who are abused, physically, sexually, and mentally and are hurt for the rest of their lives.

True thing. I totally agree with you. I don't think child's delinquency comes mainly from the family. I guess it can be because there are some data, but a lot of kids do more right things because of the fact that the family is broken. Plus, a lot of my best friends have broken families but they are doing totally fine. They are not bad at all.

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