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The one concept that I think I remember 5 years from now is when we learned about developmental psychology. That is because this is the stuff that interests me, it's interesting to see how someone develops from the time they are born to adulthood. Another reason human development interests me is because I have a younger brother who is 4 years old, and it's fascinating to know what was going through his mind when he was a baby and as he was getting older. Also, knowing the reason why he does various things and understanding the concept behind it. One thing that stuck out the most from the development chapter was Piaget's stages of development. That is because knowing the different methods and knowing what each stage consists of is fascinating. And it's cool to see my brother go through each stage and know what is happening, plus realizing when he goes from one stage to the next. It's nice that I get to see what I learned on a first hand bases because I get to see my brother grow up in front of me and know what stages and how he is developing.

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