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One subject covered in the many discussed this semester in lecture was the theory of attachment. I found this theory to be particularly interesting as it correlated perfectly with my FSOS 1201 course on life span and human development. As covered there are three major types of attachment with a fourth that is less common. These include: secure, insecure-avoidant, and insecure-anxious attachment, and the fourth is disorganized. Most babies qualify for the secure attachment model. They are generally happy, giggly babies. These babies when placed in the strange situation test exhibit discomfort when their parent leaves but are immediately happy to see their care giver return. This form of attachment surfaces in many facets of the behavior of the infant. Their overall disposition being one aspect affected, and also their development, being a well-cared for and attended baby sets you up for greater success later. The parent is the secure base for the child. When this child is a completely new environment with their mom, the world is not so scary. The baby will venture out to play with the new toys and be naturally curious. This behavior is fine with the infant because mom is right there in case anything scary happens, and mom makes everything okay, or at least, less scary. I was recently out to a restaurant and saw this behavior exhibited to a perfection. There was an adorable one year old little boy who was affectionately called "trouble" by his parents for his overwhelming energy and curiosity. This infant felt comfortable exploring and walking further distances away from hi parents because he knew that mom and dad were right there if anything got scary and he could go run and hide in their arms. It was so cool to see a real life example on a Saturday morning of a lecture topic with no prompting by a video or anything. Just human nature and development at work.

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This topic also immensely sparked my interest. I now notice different things in everyday life that I've never really noticed before, and they completely click with things we've learned in this course. Plus I feel like this course almost forced us to see the world through a psychological lens. I don't know if the lens will stick; I think that will all depend on what you're majoring in. Great post!

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