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Selective attention is the process of selecting one sensory channel and ignoring or minimizing others.

I read the chapter 4 (sensation and perception) very interestingly because I realized so many things from the chapter.
When I learned the chapter, I wanted to tell some of my stubborn friends that they should know that what they think they saw or experienced can be twisted or incorrect sometimes.
Maybe it can be bad sometimes ,but now I tend to doubt first whenever selective attention might occurred in the place.
Selective attention theory is definitely what I would not forget during my life time because it was so true to me. I tend to fall into the trap of selective attention and I think it can be because I'm really bad at multitasking. I'm one of the people who have to focus one thing at a time. I think I easily give my attention to a certain thing and lose others.
So for me, learning about this theory was good. I now know it's normal for humans ;)

here is a not that great example because many could figure it out, but personally I could not.
I failed at seeing it. Watch this youtube for fun! I hope you enjoy.



I do the exact same thing that you do giving all of your attention to a single thing and losing sight on others, so I'm glad that I'm not alone either! But this topic stood out to me as well for that reason alone. It is very intersting to me that we can just ignore other details just from focusing so much on one thing. And I also didn't notice the difference in the video, not a surprise!

I think it's kind of funny that there is science behind "selective hearing" or "male hearing" as many women refer to it. I also think that if we are aware of the fact that we do it, we can also be proactive in working to look at all of the details.

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