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There has been a lot of interesting subjects we have discussed in this class. Many stick out, and I'm sure I will remember a much for many years. But as I do these "REP" points, I think what would I want to study in other people? I think one of the most interesting things we have read about and discussed in class was memory. More specific, was false memory and implanting false memory. It's amazing how well we think our memory is. But with a little bit of help from another person, that other person can implant a completely false memory altogether. In class, I remember talking about people who had never been lost in a mall as a child, but when a sibling started talking about the experience, the subject would start to create these memories of being lost in a mall. As seen below, these memories can get really specific. The first of the seven sins of memory is suggestibility. By giving misinformation your memory can change significantly. By changing the word "bump" to "crash" can change what a person saw in a photo. What we see, and given as testimony, can but someone away for life. But are the past memories the real events, or have they been skewed by decaying memory or misinformation?


This is a really interesting concept and I was also especially intrigued by the idea of memory implantation. I do wonder if events from my childhood happened as I remembered them, or if they were skewed from others also telling me the stories. Sometimes, I view a memory as through an outside observer, and I see myself in the memory. It's not through my own eyes.

I totally agree! I found this fascinating especially when psychologists could convince other people that they had a picture with Bugs Bunny at Disney World. Also while reading chapter fifteen, i read that Sybil, the most widely known case of DID probably, had no memories of child abuse until she started therapy! So interesting...

I agree, the whole concept of memories is a fascinating topic. When I was younger I was absolutely certain that my memories were exact replicas of what had happened. When I first learned that memory is just a jumble of true and false things (which was before this class), I was almost upset. It makes sense though at the same time. It's incredible how our brains and the people around us manage to skew our thoughts and memories.

I agree we always think that our memory is an amazing thing until we start learning more and more about it. I totally thought that I had a good memory until recently when I learned there are so many things that people can say or do to mess with your memory. And if they can do that then there is probably other things that can be done to change your memory.

I also think that it is fascinating how other people can implant false memories into your head. The most interesting example of this is when scientists convinced people that Bugs Bunny was at Disney World. However, this is impossible since Bugs Bunny is not a Disney character. It's very interesting how people fall into the trap of believing things that haven't actually occurred! Interesting video, by the way!

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